Cargo Manager Systems Customer Support

CMS is committed to developing and maintaining quality software which you can depend upon for your business. We are also committed to providing technical software support services to assist you in gaining the maximum performance from our products.

Hotline Telephone Support
You can get an immediate answer to any question you may have about the software. If there is a situation which cannot be handled during the telephone call, a CMS representative will investigate the situation and call you back within 24 hours.
Online Support
Our online support facility allows you to enter a question on our web site and receive a response from a CMS representative. You can also use the online support facility to track any of your past questions and view frequently asked questions.
Computer to Computer Assistance
If requested, CMS will connect to your computer and investigate any routine problem that needs to be corrected.
Discounts on Upgrades for All Cargo Manager Programs
As new releases of the application software are announced, CMS will provide these new releases at cost to all Support customers. Also, as other integrated programs become available, CMS will offer these to Support customers at substantial discounts.
Free Consultative Advice
Cargo Manager Systems is committed to keeping abreast of all facets of automation which may affect CMS's customers. At no additional charge, CMS will provide advice on all matters pertaining to office automation for its Support customers.

To request a login and password send e-mail to